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  • May 24, 2014
    There are no impossibilities with God
    In every emergency we are to feel that the battle is His. His resources are limitless, and apparent impossibilities will make the victory all the greater. {CC 217.5}Why do we ever doubt His providenti . . . read more


  • April 17, 2014
    I was sick and you visited me…
    I was sick and you visited me… The sick have been many, most days Anna or Erick have been taking them to the hospital for further care, most are admitted. At the time of writing the Steck family . . . read more


  • April 7, 2014
    Naw Bee Dah (Video)
    Can you imagine having to live with a serious limp and be a burden on your family for the rest of your life? We certainly don't want Naw Bee Dah to. Take a moment to watch this short video to learn . . . read more

Meyer Family

  • Baptism March 10, 2014–We thought you would like to share in the joy of seeing these precious young people commit their lives to Christ.  Many of them have gone through the class for baptism more than once.   Because of the . . .

Sabrina Petersen

  • Snow Flower–You haven't met a truly spirited, determined Karen from the Burmese mountain villages until you've met Moo Koh Paw.  Despite her delicate name — it means 'snow flower' –, this gi . . .

Gayle Haberkam

  • WHEN THE DEVIL COMES IN LIKE A FLOOD! July 1, 2014–There are just two weeks left before I will go to America.  I am definitely going to all the villages possible to see them one last time and encourage them with stories about Jesus. I miss them alread. . .

Steck Family

  • When do you say “full”? June 16, 2014–“So tell me about your school,” the nurse continued. “I hear that you have about four hundred students this year.” I had taken a student into the local government clinic to get a tetanus shot and was . . .

Erick Reeve

  • Two-wheeled Ambulance April 11, 2014–Her name was Mu Seh Paw. A lovely, vivacious, strong-willed, hard-working 21-year-old young woman. She was the pride of her mother–the youngest of her four children, and the only one as yet unmarried. . .